Apr 26, 2013

Vintage & Antique Show Booth Design

 By Debi Ward Kennedy

Vendors selling their wares at vintage and antique shows find themselves in close quarters with their 'competition' – perhaps in the very next space on the show floor! Being successful at a show is dependent on having a visually appealing and effectively staged booth.

Concepts that are used in retail store design can provide a guideline for the design of your booth: tricks of manipulating space in your booth layout, where to place the sales counter, the use of lighting, how to leverage color and scale and create displays for maximum visual impact, how to come up with a theme for your booth at a show... but where do you find that information? From a designer!

Since 2002, Debi Ward Kennedy has been a writer and speaker on the subject of show booth and visual design  - providing seminar presentations at gift shows and retail events, and articles to retail industry publications. Deb is now sharing her experience in vintage show booth design with Creating Vintage Charm readers! Click HERE to visit her design blog post, where you can see inspiring photos of her own 'Retreat' booth designs and a link to an informative Google document. (Make sure you check out all of her informative blog posts there, too!)

You'll find dozens of easy ideas for making your booth successful at the next vintage or antique show!

Charming Note: Debi Ward Kennedy is a retail store visual designer with over 35 years of experience creating successful visual solutions for her clients. Two of her designs won 'Best of Category' awards from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show and the San Francisco International Gift Show.  In addition to that career, Deb and her late husband created a vintage business called 'Retreat', and participated as vendors in some of the best vintage show venues in the country: BarnHouse, Farm Chicks, and Remnants of the Past. 'Retreat 'also hosted vintage events in Washington state, which have been included on some of the 'best of show' lists in popular lifestyle magazines.


booth for MWC said...

Your stands are brilliant! We design booth for other kind of congress and events but yours are excellent! Congratulation

Alexia Clark said...

Your booth design is very impressive and usage of white colours simply looks great. We are also in the industry of stand designing and booth construction.