Nov 21, 2014

Thrifty DIY Part One: Faux Fur Throw Rug

Currently my style is inspired by Scandinavian decor. So besides the regular look through for stoneware, vintage linen and furniture at the thrift stores, I have recently been searching for faux fur clothing and knitted sweaters with the traditional snowflakes and stars. I was lucky this past Monday, as you can see I found both.

My finds were a long beautiful grey-ish brown coat for $20 and a girls knitted sweater with snowflakes for $2.50.

Funny how when I stepped to the cashier at the thrift store, people were looking me up and down.... Yah!! Fancy me wearing something like this long fur coat that looked like it belonged in the 70's... One lady mustered the courage to say... "Hmm, nice coat you're getting!" Imagine the look I get when I told her... "Yea... I'm making a rug out of it"...

That's right! I had to tell that part of the story cause I really thought that was funny. 

And yes, that is what I had in mind. Scandinavian winters are cold and interiors are usually decked with warming lit candles, and fur throws around the home among other traditional decor.

So back in my studio I started off by taking off the inner lining from the seams with a seam ripper, better to be done on the lining side as opposed to ripping seams at the furry side and end up loosing some fur too.

Laying the coat open and flat on my cutting table I cut off the top part of the coat from right under the sleeves part. I was left with the bottom part of the coat laying flat. Coat's side seams are barely visible on the furry side and any pockets on the coat I sewed them shut. Perfect!!. 

I folded the bottom part of the coat at the lengthy part. At home I have a much smaller faux rug that I used as a guide/pattern of a hide. I started cutting at least 8-10 inches away from my smaller rug which made the coat turned throw rug, much bigger. 

Be aware... fur was shedding like crazy, while working on this project. Its to be expected.... I was so excited to do this I didn't bother changing and I was covered in tiny hairs!! Well, may have slightly bothered me but I was still very excited that for $20 I was going to have a magnificent faux fur throw rug for my living room.

I have to add that pillow fillers on this bench were also 99c pillows at the thrift store that I covered and another grey sweater made another lovely pillow. I am an avid thrifter and I love it.

My thrift store visit on Monday I also found a girl's sized grey knitted sweater that I turned into a pair of decorative mittens.

So hop on the second part of this Thrifty DIY for a tutorial on how-to make your own mittens out of a knitted sweater.

I spent $22.50 on the coat and sweater and now I have my cuddly and soft faux fur throw rug and a cute pair of mittens decorating my living room. 

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I hope you enjoyed visiting here and have fun visiting other talented bloggers...

Ciao ciao for now...


Thrifty DIY Part Two: Holiday Decorative Mittens

This tutorial is part two of the Thrifty DIY challenge. Part one I make a Faux Fur Throw Rug from a coat bought along with a sweater used in this mitten tutorial. You can find Part One here:

A pair of pretty knitted mittens also make wonderful holiday decor on a wreath on hung or an antique door knob but alas, I do not want to pay the price of well knitted mittens. So I decided to come up with a pair sewn on the cheap, just to decorate with.

I found a nice sweater that I thought had a fitting design for my purpose. The snowflake pattern, suitable for my mittens.

I created my own pattern... nothing fancy. Sketched by hand on a piece of paper, done by tracing my own hand. I am including the same pattern, scanned to size on a pdf so you can print it and simply cut it out. 

Disclaimer (or call me smarty pants): This pattern is for mittens that fit me, but I made these mittens for decorative purposes ONLY. If you wish to wear these then you may have to try and adjust the width of the pattern.


~ With a pair of scissors, cut the sweater apart at the seams.

~ Lay the front and back of the sweater flat and lay your patterns to cut. For the pattern #1, adjust the pattern to the part of your sweater where the design is. I made sure a snowflake is centered on pattern #1 piece. The hand palm patterns #2,3 can be cut anywhere you have room on your sweater material as long as its not waist band part of sweater. 

~ Starting first by sewing the thumb and hand palm side of the mitten by lining up the thumps of both pieces #2 and 3, sew the thumb and the palm together.

~ Now that you have the inner side of the mitten hand sewed, you can lay it on piece #1, design side, face to face. Sew around the edge of the mitten and you are done!!

I trimmed the cuffs of my mittens with a strip of coordinating white fur (bought the strip years ago by the yard at the ribbons and trim store isle) In my stash I also found pompoms string that I used to tie one mitten to the other so it can also serve as a hanger for my decorative mittens. If you try this out, get creative with the trimming of the cuffs. Fur is fantastic, pompom trim, narrow fuzzy wool scarf!

Stuff mittens with greenery and holly berries and hang them in an entry way on a wreath, wall hanger or door knob.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you give it a try...

Ciao ciao for now...