Apr 3, 2014

Issue 19 of Creating Vintage Charm + Recipe Victoria Sponge Cake

How is spring treating you? Has it shown up yet at your neck of the woods? The season has been teasing us here in NC. We had a few beautiful warm and sunny days until today. We're back to cloudy and rainy weather. But its the season right? April flowers bring May flowers.

To celebrate the season, Creating Vintage Charm's latest issue is filled with wonderful tutorials and beautiful images of all the wonders of the spring. 

Cover image is photographed by the very talented Neli Kireva, also gracing our pages with images from her vintage and romantic inspired home.

More features include: 

Krissie Karlson of Shingle Cottage also shares some goodies with us with a cheerful tea setting. 
Including pretty china, florals and yummy goodies. Here I thought to share a recipe for the classic English, Victoria Sponge Cake.

So make sure to visit magCloud to purchase your copy:

What's more!... my new thing lately is Instagram. had it for less then a month and I am HOOKED!!
Been snapping away and sharing beautiful things from my day to day. if you are on instagram, I hope you look me up and follow. 

Here are some random shots I have shared lately.

Spring has brought some flowers and blossoms in our neighborhood and I have been enjoying nice walks with the kids and they pick flowers on the way. Phlox grow in our yard and at the studio next door. Nothing like a child's handful of the pretty tiny flowers.

I decided to pull out my blue and white plates and for a pop of color in my dining room.

Cherry blossoms in my dining room. 

The sight of the light pink and dainty flowers alone just make my heart sing!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post today and that you make the best of those sunny and warm days to go outside and enjoy nature at its best. + get your latest copy of Creating Vintage Charm...*wink*

With much love,

Feb 15, 2014

Snow and Cupcakes...Recap of this week!

This has been one very exciting week and I am sure many of us on the east coast USA feels the same way. The mid-week snow storm dumped over 23 inches of snow on us. Everything in my yard was totally buried, including my car. It was fascinating to watch. For me especially. Snow is not something I grew up with so I really embrace the view from my window of the falling snow outside. 

Kids have been out of school since Wednesday and we sure made the best of it too. Here are some pics of them playing in the white wonderland.


We made several snowmen and we're lucky to have a tiny slope in our yard for the kids to sled on. It sure was fun. Especially when surprisingly enough, it was not really that cold outside.

A view of my neighborhood
Creating Vintage Charm studio is the white cottage on the left, then further down the road is my stone cottage, all covered in snow.

I should have shared what follows, a bit earlier in the week but motherhood comes first and as you can see... with kids being home and stuck indoors from the storm, I simply made do with what I could whip up at home for Valentine's day.
And the wonderful part of it is, we enjoyed it just as much.

 So after playing in the snow with the kiddos and shoveling and building tiny snowmen, I headed to the kitchen and baked some chocolate cupcakes. I had some pink sparkly lemonade and me and the kids had a Valentine's "tea" party.

I may not have been able to step out to purchase fresh florals but the floral china made it pretty just as much. Spreading floral china on my table is like spreading a pretty garden. I love it!

I do hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day and that you are all staying safe and enjoying the wintry season. Fret not, spring is not far away.