May 15, 2013

Issue 14, May 2013 is now available!

Each issue is better then the last. 

I say that every time probably, don't I?

But it's true.

With features from Jennelise Rose and Karen Hillman

Photography and styling by Janet Coon and Nadine Snijders 

Also in this issue is a highly recommended article about following your Creative Dreams and starting your small business, written by Deb Kennedy. Deb also shares a wonderful tip about embellishing umbrellas for vintage charm.

I cannot stop flipping through the pages, myself.
It is filled with so much romance and beauty that you would not want to miss. So I hope you go to MagCloud and purchase the issue:

Or purchase a yearly subscription here:

May I add, that if you are a store owner or a vendor at an artisan market and you wish to sell this magazine, you can. Please contact me for more information at

I wish to once again thank all the charming contributors as well as the readers of my publication for your support and wonderful comments about my publication.

Con amore,

Sonia Crouse


Unknown said...

Love this issue and magazine!
Thank you Sonia!

X Nadine

Birds and Blossoms said...

Looking forward to receiving my first issue!!!!!!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Ma e' bellissimo!
Ordering one now.