Aug 7, 2012

Selling at craft or antique shows: Some beginner's tips.

Thinking about getting your first table at a crafts show or booth at an antique show? ~ Some beginner's tips

Antique and craft shows are a way to sell your wares and there are always seasonal shows being organized. With fall and winter holidays coming I thought to share some tips I had shared previously on Facebook. The subject was interesting to many and some added their thoughts too. I thought this great information shouldn't get lost in Facebook so I collected all the tips into this post. I hope this helps anyone who is planing to start or perhaps those who already are, to learn something new.

- More sales are made while the crafter is standing than sitting behind their booth. Wear comfortable shoes.

- often offers 100 free business cards at least once a month. If you don’t already have business cards – take advantage of this offer.

- If you carry a Smartphone, check out for a free device to accept credit cards. This usually will get you a sale that you may not normally get.

- If you accept credit cards – it is highly suggested that you advertise it on your booth. That tends to create more sales.

- Advertise where you will be selling next- a timetable of events you plan to set up and sell for the next six months or so. Not everyone might be a buyer that day, but they will find you next time and hopefully bring a friend.

- Prepare flyers with pictures of your work/wares, to add into people's bags with each sale.

- Handing out free candy in a basket on your table may give you a chance to start a conversation and possibly gain more interest in your wares.

- Always speak to most everyone that goes by..."hello, how are you" means they have to turn their heads and speak back and in the process they'll see your wares.

- There is a fine line between being helpful and friendly, and hounding and following a person. Be polite and friendly but not pushy.

Images by Sandy Bryan from her Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show in Roseville, CA
Featured in Issue 8 of Creating Vintage Charm

Con Amore,
Sonia Crouse


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Ha ha, I have that sign!! It's made by the very talented Tricia!!!


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Great tips!

Tristan Robin said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I had no idea there was an app for accepting credit cards! I'm on my way right now to get it! Not being able to accept credit cards (or paypal) has always been a downfall at outside shows.

Great tips - you're a doll!


Barbara Jean said...

Great tips...Just had a vendor sale at our store with several people new to doing a sale..I think I got most of the tips you had.

I'm giving myself a pat on the back. =)

barbara jean

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Great tips, Sonia! Now I just need to locate some shows in my area! I'm dying to get out there with my larger pieces! Hugs, Leena

A.Marica by My Shabby Dream said...

Ciao cara Sonia!
Non sapevo che esistesse un'applicazione per accetare le cate di credito. Grazie!!!!
Love from Italy

Juli Steel said...

Thanks a bunch!! I haven't done a show yet. You make it sound easy(I'm pretty sure it's a lot of work but very rewarding.
I will make it one day:)
Wonderful tips to remember!
Juli from

Inez Montanez said...

I absolutely agree with everything you mentioned. Greeting, acknowledging your customer makes a big difference. I actually change my booth around just to give it a fresh look.

Prairie Primitives Folk Art said...

Trish shared a link to this article on FB today. I wanted to add that the law regarding who's liable for purchases made with "bad" credit cards changed in 2015. Now, unless you have the gadget that reads chip cards, the vendor will be the one who gets hit with the chargeback & fees. This means the free Square reader is no longer a good choice. Square has at least 2 chip card readers; one is $29 and the other is $49 (last I heard). I've used Square since 2011; it really does help get more sales!