Feb 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day; Gift of Freebie Digital Issue

I send my best wishes for a warm and loving day for you today!

Is it cold by you yet? I know here it is!

Well besides letting you know that a new issue is now available, I would also like to inform you that for today and tomorrow ONLY you can view the current issue in digital format HERE for FREE. Printed copies can be purchased if desired.  

Below are a few peaks of what you'll find inside this issue but I do invite you to go ahead and view the full issue digitally and enjoy. If you are stuck at home in this cold and snowy weather, then here is something for you to enjoy this weekend. It's my Valentine's gift for you.

As you can see, this is another issue fulled to the brim with loveliness and inspiration. And I hope you do not miss this opportunity to take a peak at what's inside.

So curl up on that couch, next to the fire, with a hot cuppa and enjoy!

Happy Valentine's day to you all sweet readers and followers of Creating Vintage Charm.


1 comment:

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers • Italian Girl in Georgia™ said...

Gorgeous ~ as always! Thank you for the inclusion, Sonia. Ciao bella!