Jun 6, 2014

Do-It-Yourself Vintage Style Tool Box

What you will need

Miter Saw or Table Saw
Drill and 9/64 drill bit
Phillips head screw driver (X)

Cutting list:
2 { 1.5 x 3.5's } cut at 15 inches for wider sides of the box
2 { 1.5 x 3.5's } cut at 6.5 inches for depth sides of the box
2 { .25 x 1.5 } cut at 8 inches for handle sides
1 {1.25 dowel } cut at 5 3/4 inches for handler
For the bottom, I recycled wood from a wood pallet cut at 15 inches. 
Another option would be a piece of plywood cut at 15 inches x 8 inches 

Other supplies:
Wood glue
1.5 inches screws for sides and bottom
1/2 inch screws for handle

How To

Image #1/2 - Start by gluing together the four sides of the box and hold together with clamps. Wider side panels overlap end panels. Let the glue dry for about 15 mins.
Image #3 - Using the drill, make holes for screws at the two ends of the box as shown. Then screw all sides together.
Image #4 - Glue bottom panels to the bottom of the box, then fasten with screws. (drill holes for screws first)
Image #5 - You have the sides and the bottom done.
Image #6 - We are starting to build the handle for the tool box, first by measuring and locating the inside center of the box to mark where handles should go. Simply measure the inside and divide by two then mark the divided point by pencil. Gluing the wood strips first and let dry then fasten with 1/2 " screws.
Image #7 - Dap a little glue at the top of the wood strips where dowel is going to be fitted. Place the thick dowel in between the two wood strips at the top. Then screw in place, making sure screw is centered into dowel.

I made several of these boxes. Ones that I built out of weathered wood, I preferred to leave them in their natural finish, but the box in this tutorial was built with new wood so I first painted with chalk paint in dark grey. I let it dry well, then painted in white with egg-shell paint. It may take two coats of white to cover well. Then I sanded and distressed back down to grey paint.

These boxes are wonderful addition to decor anywhere around the house. They could hold: rolled towels in a bathroom, 8 glass jars with flowers for a table centerpiece, wood and pinecones by a fireplace, used as planters in the garden... possibilities are endless. I made several of these.

This project was what launched my woodworking frenzy... I mastered the miter saw and was the first project I built out of wood from start to finish. Its a great project for a starter.

I hope you'll give this a try and if anyone does get to make this, please send me pictures of your finished box and how/where you used it. I would love to see what you did with it and I would love to share on the blog post as well.

Thanks again for coming by my blog and hope to see you again soon.

Ciao, ciao


Art and Sand said...

I have a ton of caddies so I don't need to make one, but I certainly want to style one like your lovely caddy.

lala said...

Great tutorial - love how simple with fantastic results. Am definitely going to make one - thanks sharing.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Love it! Thank you for sharing Sonia.
Ciao Rita

Elyse said...

beautiful, sonia! my boys built one of these at home depot YEARS ago and now i know just what to do with it.

you have the magic touch!