Jan 25, 2013

Vintage Style Milk Bottle Tutorial

No jar or glass bottle will be left behind

Means I will not be throwing any of them away. I needed a jar last Saturday and when I went to the nearby store, they had none....all gone! When I didn't need a jar, they had pallets of jar cases sitting in the middle of the isle... Go figure!!

I never did throw those small Starbucks coffee drink, bottle away either. So many things you can do with them...{Hey!! That's a good Pinterest board theme idea....insert light bulb flashing here}

What you need:
-Starbucks coffee drink bottle, empty, clean and labels removed.
-White glossy spray paint
-Black craft paint
-Sponge brush.
-Letter Stencil {tutorial for that included too}
-Antiquing finish and sponge

How to:
-Standing your bottle upside down  on a covered surface, spray your bottle with the white paint. May take two coats to cover well. Leave to dry

- Making your stencil: I created my own stencil out of card stock. By creating a sheet on Word doc, printed out the word MILK written in Stencil font at 53 point size, then using an exacto knife over a glass cutting top I cut out the thick letters... {too cold to run to the store and buy stencils so I improvised...}

-Make sure paint has dried then, placing your stencil, secured with tape on to your bottle surface and using your sponge brush dabbed in black paint, stencil on to your bottle the word milk. Leave to dry.

-Finally, with a sponge rub on some antiquing medium on to your bottle for a vintage old look. I went light on the antiquing but you can make it as dark or light as you desire.

I also baked a batch of double-chocolate espresso cookies while puttering and crafting. So you can perhaps tell what I had on the brain!
I hope you like this simple and creative idea. Good way to recycle those bottles.

Until next time... create on!!

Con Amore

Sonia Crouse


debi said...

Sweet idea! Cookies look yummy too!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Loved your blog.. trying to find your slot to follow along sister... HUGS and really enjoyed it here... Love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl .. Check us out sometime..