Jun 3, 2013

Everlasting Beauty of Flowers!

They may be dried and shriveled but still beautiful.
I decided to collect all the dried florals; Ranunculus, Roses and Lavender and spread them on my little shelf in the dining room. Along with a little nest I found in my yard. A nest that may have not been enjoyed by birds for very long. It was blown into my yard by strong winds this past week. 

My collection of plates keeps growing... The one on the far right I got for a QUARTER.... at a yard sale... Yepp, only 25cents. One next to it was a buck at the thrift store.

 I needn't say much for beauty speaks for itself. 

Something is so simple and yet so beautiful...and it makes me so happy to look at and enjoy!!

Look around you... there is beauty in the little things. Don't just seek it with your eyes but feel it with your heart. 

Have a wonderful week.

Con tanto amore,
da Sonia Cardona Crouse


debi said...

Sonia, your flowers, and photos, are beautiful!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love the way the dark beauty of the flowers pop against the chippy whites!!

miss b said...

Beautiful photos! The flowers are so pretty - gorgeous colours and the pretty plates were an absolute bargain!

Nina @Online PhD UK said...

I love your quote at the end. I never really appreciated how beautiful dried flowers could be. Not only are they beautiful they also carry many stories with them. The bird nest is so precious. It is sad that the birds did not get to enjoy it.

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