Dec 11, 2014

A Vintage Charming December

I am pretty sure that like me, you wonder how this year just flew by. And what better way to end a year if not by celebrations. Starting from Christmas and then on to the new year, the season brings families and friends together at warm and jolly homes. We may say Christmas is for the children but for many of us its also time to get creative and enjoy decorating.

So again this year as I publish another holiday issue, I decided to also include and little Extra just because... it is Christmas after all. 

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 Did you know that candles have been around since 200 BC? I especially put an emphasis to candles in this issue. I love the soft, warm, or romantic ambiance of a candle and they set a wonderful mood in a holiday home. 

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As always, I also try to have a good mix of projects and showcase homes in different styles hoping to have something for everyone. So if I could not fit it in one issue, I published a half that is a FREE DIGITAL

I would like to THANK ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS worldwide, who made this issue so special with their talents and love for home making. 
(Be sure to visit and follow them on the links provided) 

Nancy Roberts

Catherine Scalise

Rose Mari Soberg

Anna-Lena Lidholm

Olivia Parazine

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers

Extra Issue

Sandra Fruci

Vanessa Greenway

Donna Heber


Jonie M Designs

The Vintage Marketplace

Printed Cut-Outs

Sarolt Borberly

I also want to THANK my family, friends, readers and followers for helping making this year another successful one. I can honestly say I couldn't have done this without ANY of you.

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Just gorgeous, Sonia! I'm going to promote on my FB page tomorrow ;)
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