Jan 29, 2014

Creating Vintage Charm, January 2014, Now available

Photo by Victoria Hayden, January 2013 issue.

Creating Vintage Charm issues are like boxes of chocolates, 
You'll never know what divinity you're gonna get...

It's a mix of sweet charm, from different styles, creations, events and much, much more.
Not one issue is like the other.

January issue is now available HERE AT MAGCLOUD with the following and more... 

 A glimpse at some features from Deb Kennedy, Joy Waltmire

Tutorial for the winter inspired hearts can be found here:

Ingrid Lee and yours truly...:)

So if you want to flip through another issue filled with delightful surprises, make sure to purchase a copy here at MagCloud: 

Thank you for reading and following Creating Vintage Charm.

With lots of love...

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