Sep 14, 2013

Fall with White! Tablescape

Just wanted to share my current fall with white, tablescape.

Keeping it simple, with my white pumpkin on a white cake stand {a thrift store find} Lace always dresses it up.   

The ivory candles, pine cones and fall bounty add warmth to the table to set the fall mood.

On to a different note...

... Getting ready for fall, right here at home has been slow since I have started working on my office/studio next door. We have fully painted 3 rooms and working on the forth and largest room in the house. I also took the time to build a mantel.

It was a hideous colored room with a crack going above the fireplace. So before we started painting I got to work on building a mantel. The whole idea and plan came to me at 1am while tossing and turning in bed. There is something about laying in bed trying to sleep and all these creative ideas start floating through your head keeping you excited and far from getting a wink of sleep. I had to get up and make the sketch.

What was even more exciting about the project was that I had the lumber and tools for it. Except for some molding. I even had wooden appliques stash I could go through. So total cost was $20. I have the fully working workshop with all tools in the basement. I just had to get to work.

Excuse all these images, not being all that great since they are taken with my phone. But here is the work in progress while I was building the mantel.

And after all was done and got the first coat of paint. It may be a simple addition but really made a difference in the room. 

And here is the room, all red covered with the first coat of white paint... I am in love!
The room is bright and has great lighting for photography. I am so happy and cannot wait to continue working in there on Monday. Still need to work on painting the doors and trim and also plan on changing the ceiling fan soon. I will be treasure hunting for a replacement. *Wink, wink*

I hope you enjoy what I shared with you today. 

Until next time...

Con Amore,

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Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So beautiful! Love the mantel you created...can't wait to see more!

Nancy said...

Sonia, It is looking Great!! You must be over the top excited to finally have your own place to work!! I wanted to tell you I tried your Pesto/Cherry tomato recipe for dinner with a couple little changes and it was delish!!

Huggs, Nancy

pballard said...

I love your space. Thanks for sharing with us and inspiring us all.

Anne said...

Sonia your table looks beautiful and your what an amazing transformation! It looks gorgeous!

debi said...

Your fall dining room is so beautiful and cozy. Love it!
And what a wonderful place your office/studio is going to be. The transformation is amazing!

decorator to the stars said...

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Luv your blog & style :) GIO

Cathy said...

Beautiful transformation!