Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” ― Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Every new issue I publish is an improvement from the previous one and it's a thrill to work with so many creative and inspiring contributors. The past year I published four gorgeous issues, featuring great works, beautiful homes and treasured  antique collections. I am also closing 2012 with two awesome gals, Cindy Adkins  as an editor and Taunya Tae Waxham as a designer. They are a pleasure to work with and I am so happy to have them on my publishing team.

The great news is that for 2013 we will be transitioning to publishing 6 issues a year. Can you believe it? More awesomeness and more room to feature such great talent, inspirations and pretty pictures (always). Deb Kennedy of HOMEward Found Decor and Anne Christian Lorys of Fiona and Twig will be regular contributors. You may expect more lovely features from Janet Coon of ShabbyFufu, Siobhan Volkanovski of The Vintage Dormer and Heather Anderson of Post Road Vintage. 

I THANK all these lovely ladies for working with Creating Vintage Charm and ALL our contributors who work on such lovely features for the publication.

So yes, I am very excited to see what the new year has to bring. Are you?

You can expect the new issue out on January focusing on Valentine's day decor, creations and inspirations.

Here is a peak...

 Siobhan Volkanovski ~ January 2013
The Vintage Dormer

And highlights from all 2012 issues...

Siobhan Volkanovski ~ Winter issue
The Vintage Dormer

Deb Kennedy ~ Fall issue

Nina Hartmann ~ Fall issue

Heather Anderson ~ Spring issue

Nicki Winkles ~ Fall issue
The Vintage Farmhouse

Heather Anderson ~ Winter issue

Nina Hartmann ~ Winter issue

Cynthia Sperin ~ Summer issue
Cynthia's Cottage Designs

Janet Coon ~ Winter issue

Another great news is that Creating Vintage Charm is growing into a family of publications. And I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to then new publication that is aimed to be released Spring 2013.


I am very excited about this addition to my publications. I have admired artistic photography all my life and have enjoyed it as a hobby myself the past few years. I felt I needed to offer the opportunity for photographers to share with the world, the beauty of expressing creativity and inspiration through their captured images. 

If you wish to find out more about it please check my website here.
You can also follow the publication on Facebook here:

Well, 2013 is going to be another great year and I look forward to explore into all the possibilities. I thank you all for following Creating Vintage Charm magazine and publications, here on blogger, Twitter and Facebook. I value each and every one of you. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, wishing prosperity and success for any path you choose to take this new year.

con amore

PS. May I please add that blogger has been a nuisance this morning with text formatting. Maybe you can tell?? It happens to the best of us. ;) 

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victoria said...

A great post Sonia...and also a feast for the eyes!

Happy New Year!
Victoria Silva