Oct 30, 2010

The Creative Challenge Results!!!

This was a tough one, all the creations were beautiful. Made it really hard for any one to decide. Honestly they all went beyond what I expected to see. I was amazed by the creative ways the images have been used. So well done ladies...
The Vote counts are:

1. Debi's Pink Pillow - 5 votes
2. Pat's Stocking- 29 votes
3. Melanie's Winifred Doll - 8 votes
4. Roselle's Altered Candle - 3 votes

Winner is Pat Winter, You did a fabulous job on your stocking.

Here is Pat's Description of her Crazy Quilt Stocking: "...Moments ago I just finished my crazy quilt Christmas stocking using the image of the little girl standing on the chair...I believe she is anticipating Santa's arrival. I added very light coloring on her hair and clothing using scrap booking chalks.  I wanted to keep her as vintage looking as possible. I embellished using vintage laces, velvet millinery flowers and leaves,silk ribbon embroidery,vintage buttons and a few other fabric images I altered and printed onto fabric. The wreath image is to "Virginia" from "Santa" and a vintage letter which I added the words, "Dear Santa". This is my first stocking and I didn't have a pattern but I like how it turned out and will be making more..."


Second place is Melanie Hickman's "Winifred's Christmas"

Here is Melanie's Description of her doll: "...here are pictures of my colorized photo face doll I made and decided to enter in the Challenge.  This is the girl with the big bonnet and muff.  This is doll is titled: "Winifred's Christmas"  - I added a Christmas stocking holding a mini Frances Brundage "Dolly Dear" replica doll and a paper doll book..."

I thank all the participants for their entry to the fun challenge. Pat and Melanie, please send me your address so I can receive your prizes, including your free issue of Creating Vintage Charm, the Winter 2010-2011 issue, to be available soon in November.

I also want to thank everyone who took their time to come and vote. Make sure to come back and visit.
Another Giveaway is in the works for the release of the Holiday issue that you wouldn't want to miss. 
Trust me!!!!


stefanie said...

how cool are those...so much talent!!! I really enjoyed my first magazine, can't wait for the next!

Anonymous said...

Magazine?? Did I miss a post somewhere? I love this stocking! Congratulations to the winner.

I'm doing my NOVEMER GIVEAWAY tonight if you would like to submit your name. Take care. Tammy

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Everyone put so much love and detail into their projects ;) :) Thanks for letting me participate in voting :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I just saw the blog button. I promptly added it to my blog sidebar :) :) So cool. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Nancy said...

Congratulations to such Talented Ladies!! I just can't wait to have the Next Issue Sonia!!
Huggs, Nancy

Sherry Hicks said...

Congrats to the winners!! I am doing a reveal of my newly painted, decorated sewing studio on my blog tomorrow and had a photo shoot with a photographer (my sister), I loved the beautiful front picture of your first issue so much that it is displayed in a few photo's in my reading area of the room,
Looking forward to next issue, your articles and pictures are so inspiring!

Olivia said...

Oh this looks so delightful! Congrats to the talented ladies! I can't wait to get the Holiday issue!

debi said...

Congratulations Pat and Melanie!!

This was a fun challenge Sonia. Thank you!!!

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Thank you for your votes, all entries were beautiful and all are winners. Thank you for the challenge, it got me off my behind and back into creating.
I love this magazine and can't wait for the beautiful Winter issue. Inspiring to say the least!

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Did you get my address? I thought I sent it, but things are so busy around here. I certainly don't want to miss out on the Winter issue :-)