Jan 3, 2015

Starting a new year!

On September of 2010 I published the first issue of Creating Vintage Charm magazine. 
It was a leap that I took blindly... I simply had this idea and the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. And I just had to go with my guts and see what happens. The first issue to this day sold about 800 copies. Not too bad for the hours of work I put into it with help of some generous and wonderful friends. Not too bad at all of an outcome, from following my gut and taking a leap... "publish this issue and see what happens..." That's what I repeated in my head.

My baby (Creating Vintage Charm) is born and I had no clue whats coming. These four years had been an adventure filled with trials and errors and a continuous learning experience. Sometimes I enjoyed it too much, sometimes a bit stressful. (any self employed individual has to experience that right?) Sometimes I dream of growing bigger and selling on stands...sometimes I think of perhaps keep the same pace. I done what a could for the publication to grow and it has... I am grateful for that. Grateful for the help of many along the way.  It has reached a point where its been in a steady flow and I think I reached my limit of how far I can grow, although one can never tell what could happen...)

For a while I looked at that in the wrong way, thinking perhaps I was not doing it right, it has to get better and better otherwise I'm a failure. But this is a one person show. I am a single mom of three kids whom are very important to me. I finally decided, this is what it is. 

So this year I will focus on the many other blessings instead. I have gained local exposure that opened new doors for me here.  Creating Vintage Charm is my baby and I cannot let go. I will keep publishing. You may not see it on stands or bookstores. I never really tried, I think its beyond my comfort zone. But there are plenty of readers who do not miss an issue and look forward to the next. There are also lot of talented artists, stylists and designers waiting for that spotlight to make them shine. So I will keep going. 

With that said, I  want to send a BIG thank you everyone for the support and encouragement that you give me. I couldn't do this without you all. Thank you for the kind comments and emails. I would like to share this one particular email I received this past week that touched me so much. I really needed this one and it couldn't have come at a better time.

"Hi Sonia.
I am a big fan. I see no subscriptions are available at this time and I just wanted to write and say that I hope you are continuing the magazine and soon we will be able to subscribe!

Your magazine is what I call a "visual vacation" sitting at home and I can look at it now and 2 hours later look at it again. It is breathtaking. Thank you for all the beauty you have found.

Please don't leave us!!"

I am not leaving. True I have closed subscriptions because for a while I was not sure if I should go back to publishing a quarterly rather then every other month. It may be a possibility in the future but for now, that is not changing. I am still not sure whether I will open up subscriptions or not or if a should change anything in it regard. If I do, I will be sure to let you know. I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter. I promise, you will not receive more then a dozen emails a year.

Go to http://www.creatingvintagecharm.com/ to subscribe. On that site you can also find all past issues and new calendar available for sale. Also available is the new Editorial Calendar for 2015. Please contact me if you wish to be included in any issues or if you know of anyone who would love the opportunity to be featured. 

Thank you all for coming by and reading my long post. I send my best wishes for a wonderful new year and look forward to share more inspiration with you in the new year.

Love to all...


Barbara Jean said...

This is a lovely post sweetie.

I own a small antique store. It has been open for 6 1/2 years. (yes, half years do count.) =)

I felt like you did too, in that it had to get bigger, bigger events, bigger sales, more of this or that, but, as you say, a one 'man' show does not let that happen.
(although I say one man show, my Mom, granddaughter, and husband all help me with things.)
I could not do it without them...
or at least I sure do not want to try.

So all that said, hats off to you as you realize, things can remain the same and still be great.
We have to stay within our limits, and not be pushed by what others say needs to happen.

Be blessed in all you do, and praise Him from whom ALL blessings flow.

In His love

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers • Italian Girl in Georgia™ said...

Your work is always an inspiration to us Sonia! Thank you for all you do and share.

Ciao bella,