Feb 27, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Farmhouse Style Bench

A bit of an unusual post but I thought many of you may enjoy and perhaps try to make this simple bench. I have two of them now. I love benches and they come in very handy. I use one in the dining room and other as a "coffee table" in my living room. 

What you will need

Miter Saw or Table Saw
Drill and 9/64 drill bit
Phillips head screw driver (X)

Cutting list:
2 { 1 x 5's } cut at 42 inches length for the top
4 { 1.5 x 3.5's } cut at 16.5 inches length for the legs
2 { 1.5 x 5.5's } cut at 8 inches length for side bridges
1 { 1.5 x 3.5 } cut at 34 inches for length support

Other supplies:
Wood glue
3 inches exteriors screws for legs
2.5 inches screws for top
(Most of these items I had at hand and I wanted to use what I had.)

How To

(Click on images to enlarge)

Image #1 - Start by building the legs using two cut pieces for legs and one cut piece of side bridge. First gluing pieces, then secure in place with clamps.
Image #2 - Using the drill, make holes for screws.
Image #3- Then screw legs to bridge together. repeat steps to build legs for other side of the bench.
Image #4 - Mark the center of the inner part of the side bridge and using glue and screws attach the bottom support.

Images #5,6 - Center the two top parts on top of your bench and fasten using glue and screws to the finished leg part of your bench.

I am not very good at explaining parts and process but I made sure to photograph each step to give a better idea of what I did. Hope you find them helpful enough.

Like I said, I have two of these benches. One I finished using a wood applique I bought from Lowe's, nailed to the bridge. Then I painted the entire bench in White, Egg shell paint and roughly sanded and beat it up a bit.

And there you have it. *Smile*
I'm grinning big, I'm actually enjoying building stuff. Its my new found love to power tools and building stuff. My next project is a storage bench for toys.

 Here's two flower boxes that I built and got me going on my new hobby.
Tutorial found here:

 I hope you are inspired by this How-To and get to building one.

Until next time...

Ciao cari amichi!



Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! Love it!

Rita said...

I think I need to meet Sonia. Table saw, miter saw that is my stuff :)
Ci incontriamo Sonia?
Deb love your post, Thank you for sharing.

Rita said...

oops pensavo che questo messaggio era per Deb. Che inbarazzo! Comunque complimenti Sonia. Ciao

debi said...

Sonia, I love your farmhouses benches! What a wonderful carpenter you are!