Apr 5, 2013

Time For Tea!

Do we ever get over our tea ware?

Growing up, my mom collected tea sets, all displayed in her china hutch. But in spite of all the tea we drank around the table every afternoon with our gossip and the latest {wink}, mom, sister and me never used a tea cup for our tea. I did however as a child have my toy tea party sets and OH did I LOVE them?!!!

So to compensate, I grew up and started collecting my own china and enjoying my tea in pretty tea ware as well!

In the last six years, I was lucky enough before the economy crashed I imported and sold china and tea ware myself. I sold Royal Patrician, Lomonosov that I bought from Russia and the classic English Royal Winton chintz tea ware. Sad to say these potteries are no longer in business! (Cannot confirm this about Royal Winton but appears to be that way. Please correct me if I am wrong)
I still have some of it stashed away along with more china I hoarded from antique and thrift stores and more recently produced.

I packed it all up last year when I was planing on moving and thought I was over tea ware.

Who am I kidding?? I have a little girl now and her birthday is coming up. That was my excuse to go dig in boxes in my attic for my china.

Oh no, I am not over it. Absolutely not.

Mind you, this is a small portion of what I have stashed... I have more but I leave those for another post.

I'm ready to put on the kettle and boil some water. ( I never microwave water for tea. Me and my Scottish friend argue with a mutual friend of ours, about this all time time. Microwaved water for tea does not taste the same as water boiled on the stove) I grew up in Malta, we were a British colony for years. I guess we can call ourselves connoisseurs of tea as well. 

Oh, perhaps put on an episode of Downton Abbey on Netflix. (Oh how I miss it! Seasons are way to short)

I'm off for a cuppa tea and curl up on the couch!

Con Amore



Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Beautiful pieces Sonia! I may have to go stare at mine now! One of the things my mom used to love to do was go to a fancy tea room for tea. We'd sit and sip and chat and enjoy the tea and sweets. It was so much fun! Who says adults can't have tea parties? Hugs, Leena

debi said...

Oh Sonia, your pieces are all so beautiful! Can't wait to see more.
Love, love your dining room redo!!!

Betty Rowley said...

Really wonderful pieces and photos! I can totally relate to "thinking" I was over my tea ware obsession at one point, but stashed them away. Now my daughter still loves a little tea party time with me!